Yard Show becomes campus tradition

Trenedy Parks, Staff Writer

The second annual National Pan-Hellenic Council took place on February 27 at 7pm. A yard show is a presentation of the NPHC fraternities and sororities to showcase their chapters’ history through steps, strolls, chanting and dancing. 

The chapters that participated in the show were the Alpha Sigma chapter of Zeta Phi Beta, the Theta Upsilon chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi and the Delta Gamma chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha from Alabama A&M. The show also featured a new member presentation of the Kappa Gamma chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha at UNA. 

Zeta Phi Beta’s show had a Men In Black theme, renamed “Women In Blue.” The story followed the women of Zeta Phi Beta saving the day from “condition blue” by stepping and strolling and once recovered, a projection of Will Smith in the movie “Men In Black” using the “neuralyzer” to erase the audience’s memories. 

Olivia Oliphant, NPHC and Zeta Phi Beta president, said, “We were trying to think of something fun and make a play on the colors in our sorority, it just happened one day in a study room and it was just really fun.”

Next, Kappa Alpha Psi performed in a television show style, including a host. The show included their signature roses and strolls, along with a closing dance involving members outside of the organization.

The Delta Gamma chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha from Alabama A&M University came to UNA to be a part of this year’s show due to the lack of one at their university. They performed third and showcased their step line and chants. 

At the end of the show, the Kappa Gamma chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha of UNA displayed their new member presentation. The chapter debuted two new members by having some alumni ask the history, mission statement, and the core values of the organization. 

“This is the second yard show NPHC has hosted,” said Molly Stephens, graduate assistant for NPHC. “Last year was at the Mane Room and it was very successful, and then this year it was at [Norton Auditorium] and it was also very successful. The students raised a lot of money and they should be very proud of all the hard work they put into this event.”

Stepping and strolling are performed often in a straight line as a way to represent how each member supports the other. Each member performs the dance in time with the other, and they use motions that are specific to each organization. These unique routines are a representation of the organization’s creed and history, and are rarely shared outside of their fraternity or sorority. They aren’t meant to be used by other NPHC organizations, purely out of respect for each other. Each of the fraternities and sororities use their specific stroll as a rite of passage for each new member, and they consider it to be an educational and sacred tradition.