Spring football game brings community together

Trenedy Parks, Staff Writer

The annual spring football game for UNA took place on Thursday, April 13 at 6pm. The game was the Lions offense and defense against each other in a high spirited scrimmage. Vendors of all kinds were present at the event at Bill Jones Athletic complex on campus for the second year in a row. 

Free to all, the game was meant as an act to bring Florence together and give those new to the area a taste of UNA and what it has to offer.

Megan Dye, Associate Athletic Director of External Relations and Cheerleading & Dance Squad Administrator, said, “Last year was the first year we brought it to campus, typically spring football games are at Braly. So [Dr. Josh Looney] said let’s bring the game on campus and bring some excitement, and let’s make it more of a fun community event.”

Large inflatables were set up for kids to play on all throughout the game. At the end of the event, TNT Fireworks were set off for the community to see. The DJ played music throughout the whole event, unlike regular sporting events, which was fun for all those involved. 

Virginia Posey, second year cheerleader said, “There was something for everybody, even if you don’t love sports.” 

A difference from last year’s event was the addition of a VIP tent area. Though admission was free, there was the option to pay for a VIP experience. A drink and a meal were provided if one chose to take that opportunity. 

The non-food vendors that attended are UNA’s corporate partners who set up tables for information about their businesses and what they give to the community. The food vendors that attended were there to gain exposure and cater to the attendees. 

Virginia Posey, second year cheerleader, said, “This year there were a lot more things for students to do, the layout [compared to last year’s] of where the dance team, the cheer team, the fans were all just really organized.

The vendors in attendance were UNA’s corporate and non corporate partners, as well as different groups from on campus. Bellamy, Listerhill, and North Alabama Medical Center were just a few of the different vendors set up at the event. 

“Last year they were a little hesitant because it was new and we kind of had to prove ourselves,” said Dye. “And we did because we had about 1500 people last year and this year we had close to 2000.”

The athletic program plans to keep this event occurring for years to come, hoping to have attendance and participation to grow each year.