Fraternity hosts two rising bands

The Mane Room held a concert Friday hosting two acts: Rock Eupora and Future Thieves. The fraternity Alpha Mu Lambda hosted the event with 50-60 attending the event at the height of the night.

The bands both brought high amounts of energy to the show, dancing around on stage and keeping large smiles up while interacting with the crowd. The first act was Rock Europa, with Future Thieves following. Both groups performed original songs.

“I was totally enticed by both bands the first time I saw them in Florence years ago,” said junior Jess Fiscus. “Based on the energy in their live performances, I could tell that Rock Eupora and Future Thieves were having fun on stage, which definitely made the crowd have fun as well.”

Events like this are common in Florence and the Shoals, due to its history with music and up-and-coming artists.

“People in Florence don’t usually go to a concert to head bang or sing along,” said junior Brad Gutteridge. “While that happens if they really like the music, the reason most people in Florence go to a show is to enjoy good music in a fun, intimate environment where they can have a great experience. That’s what the music scene here is all about, that intimate experience that helps you fall in love with music.”