Military members enjoy different pastimes

Just because military members know how to wield weapons does not mean they cannot also use paintbrushes.

When the military deploys men and women to foreign lands far from home, they must find ways to entertain themselves in their free time.

Senior Crystal DiBenedetto retired from active duty after serving in the Marine Corps for 10 years and the Army for 10 years.

Although DiBenedetto is now focused on obtaining her social work degree, she said she witnessed many interesting pastimes before retiring from the military.

DiBenedetto served in different countries across the world, such as Japan, Australia and Iraq. The Flor-Ala put together a list of artistic pastimes that DiBenedetto said military members do to pass the time.

1. Listening to music

This first pastime came as no surprise being that most people enjoy listening to music.

DiBenedetto said music is especially therapeutic to soldiers during missions. DiBenedetto said she always listened to music while she worked out while she was there.

2. Talent shows

“During deployments, our battalion would usually host a talent show for morale,” DiBenedetto said.

Most people would sing as their talent, she said.

3. Drawing/Writing

Although she did not draw herself, DiBenedetto said she saw service members drawing to occupy their time. Similarly, other members wrote letters to their families and friends back home.

DiBenedetto said she wrote letters while she was at basic training.

4. Playing instruments

DiBenedetto said the Marine Corps has a rich musical background.

“The Marine Corps has an awesome band,” she said.

Outside of the official band, there are also many service members who play guitar, she said.

5. Tattooing

“There were even a few (service members) that would do tattoos during spare time,” DiBenedetto said.

Musical art forms seem to be the most popular amongst service members, but just like other people, military members are diverse individuals with different skills and hobbies.

Some people may dehumanize service members and see them as only soldiers. However, people should remember military members are people too, who have other talents and interests outside of their profession.

They are just like everyone else, maybe even more talented.