Shoals offers artistic locations

People know the Shoals area and Florence for its music scene. Whether it is the history of Fame Music Hall or the musicians at 116 E Mobile, the local area offers many forms of music. 

However, there is more to Florence than the music. Scattered across the city are other forms of art which may interest people. 

Ranging from acting to abstract artwork, Florence offers many different forms of art that will capture peopleís attention. 

1. Shoals Theatre

The Shoals Theatre was created in 1948 and will celebrate its 70th anniversary in October. 

Located at 123 N. Seminary St., it began as a movie theater. Now, it is the ìprime entertainment venue in downtown Florence,î according to its website. While people can listen to music at the concerts it hosts, the Shoals Theatre is also known for its plays. 

Acting is one of the oldest forms of artistic expression. With the aid of costumes and props, actors and directors can tell an entire story and transport the audience to different locations and time periods. 

With content ranging from mysteries to classic literature, the Shoals Theatre does this throughout its season. 

For students interested in acting, the theatre holds auditions for their plays. To find out more, visit

 2. Kennedy-Douglas Center for the Arts

In the April 20, 2017 Readerís Choice edition of The Flor-Ala, readers chose the Kennedy-Douglas Center for the Arts as the second most popular art attraction to visit. 

Located across from Wilson Park, the Kennedy-Douglas Center for the Arts serves as Florenceís cultural arts center. 

Separated into three buildings, the center hosts a museum, three art galleries and different programs. It is open Mondayñ Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Other than the daily operations, the center also hosts the annual event Arts Alive, a fine arts and crafts festival. The festival features artists and crafters from around the U.S. 

Students who create their own artwork can enter this festival no matter if it is pottery, paintings or photography. To apply, visit 

3. Allegory Tattoo

While some people may not consider tattoos as art in the conventional sense, others call them body art for a reason. 

When it comes to getting tattoos in Florence, most people think of North Alabama Ink or Stay Bold Tattoo. Now, there is a new tattoo parlor in town. 

Allegory Tattoo is Florenceís ìbest kept secret,î according to its website. 

The owner, Ulyss Blair, is a Florence native, and he owns the shop with his wife Eva. Their goal is to provide customers a ìone of a kind, unique, custom tattoo,î according to their website. 

Since they are new, Allegory Tattoo is appointment based only. The palor is located at 110 E Tuscaloosa St., and people can contact them at 256-366-7061.

4. UNA

All around campus, students can see and hear the influence of the arts every day. Whether it is the Pride of Dixie practicing before their next competition or sculptures displayed in front of the visual arts building. 

Beginning fall 2018, the university will take the department of art, department of music, and the theatre program and form them into the UNA School of the Arts. With this change, the arts will take a more prominent role at UNA.