Student makes jewelry product video for television

Local company owner Ashley Morrow created Alchemy Jewelry Sealer to help with jewelry tarnishing and skin irritation caused with some customers. Senior Joseph Isom recently completed a video for the product that will air on the Home Shopping Network later this month.

For all film students at UNA, it is never too early to get experience in the field.

Senior Joseph Isom has filmed a video for local business owner Ashley Morrow’s product, Alchemy Jewelry Sealer, which will air on the Home Shopping Network.

Filming took place at Morrow’s office in the Shoals Entrepreneurial Center Oct. 17, 19 and 21.

Isom said HSN required the video to be 30 to 45 seconds long.

Morrow, owner of Green Bananas Inventions, LLC, launched Alchemy in 2015. It is currently for sale in around 400 stores nationwide.

Alchemy is a spray that helps keep jewelry from breaking down and tarnishing and also protects the skin from irritation, Morrow said.

“It is life-enhancing, if it’s important to you to get to show your individual style in a way that you can be comfortable and not be in pain,” Morrow said.

Morrow said after HSN contacted her last February, she decided to hire a UNA student because of budgetary concerns.

She said she views college film students as quality filmmakers on the same level as some professionals.

“When you are a generation that grows up with technology at your fingertips, there are things that this generation inherently knows how to do by the sheer fact of the technology they grew up around,” she said.

Isom said this, along with other similar projects, can count as an internship in his course work.

Senior Tanner Lynn, who, along with Isom, is a member of UNA’s Filmmakers Club, said Isom is hard-working and knowledgeable in film.

“He always shows an eagerness to go the extra mile and, when on set, he is all business,” he said.

Morrow said Isom was in control of his assignment, but also respectful of her vision for the video.

“Every woman that came was uncomfortable with being filmed, and I think (he) did a great job of making it feel comfortable (for them),” Morrow said.

Isom said the experience was both intimidating and rewarding.

“(I knew) I’d better get this right the first time, because the world’s going to see it, (and) my name is going to be attached to it,” he said. “It’s also a bit humbling, knowing a large number of people will be seeing something I’ve done.”

Isom said the hardest part was the editing process, which took around 12 hours.

Lynn said while he has not seen the video, he is confident Isom did a good job.

“Whatever the task, (he) can take it on,” Lynn said. “He has the right mindset to tackle the challenges in this industry. He’s a diligent worker who will do what it takes to get the job done, and he’s enjoyable to be around.”

Isom said while he has experience with film, he had to learn new processes, including masking and Adobe After Effects, on his own time.

“Don’t be afraid to try something different and look for an opportunity,” he said. “Every skill you learn, you can apply it everywhere (in film).”

Alchemy’s television spot will premiere on HSN Nov. 29 at 3 p.m., central standard time.