5 restaurants with home cooking

As the holiday season approaches, some students may begin to miss some of the comfort family food can bring. Here are The Flor-Ala’s top five picks for comfort food with a family atmosphere.

1. Mama Jean’s

This is a traditional southern family restaurant in Petersville off of Cloverdale Road. The menu offers various southern delicacies, including meat and threes and strawberry cobbler. The staff always greets customers with a smile, and the small town atmosphere fills the room. This place allows anyone the opportunity to indulge in their southern cravings without the high price. They even make it alright to have an extra serving of dessert by offering banana pudding as a side dish.

2. Garden Gate

Located off Florence Boulevard, this meat and three restaurant’s menu may change daily, but its quality does not. Garden Gate treats guests with meals like country-fried steak with turnip greens and brisket with mac and cheese. It is always busy, but the workers still take the time to make every guest feel special.

3. Newbern’s

A local favorite on the outskirts of Florence, Newbern’s is a great place to visit for anyone looking for seafood. Located on Florence Boulevard, the family-run business has been running for years. Locals know it for having some of the best catfish in the area. Vehicles constantly pack the parking lot, with people anxious for fresh seafood with a family atmosphere. Despite their popularity, the family still allows time for a non-traditional weekend by closing the restaurant on Sunday and Monday.

4. Cracker Barrel

It may be a chain restaurant, but Cracker Barrel still has one of the best atmospheres around. The eatery offers great food and service with an at home feel. Guests can spend time sitting on the porch in rocking chairs, warming up by the fireplace or playing friends in a game of checkers. The food does not taste like a traditional chain restaurant, and the menu offers variety, so patrons can find almost any comfort food they want. Cracker Barrel is located on Florence Boulevard.

5. Curtis’

For anyone willing to drive 20 minutes for great food and a familial atmosphere, this is a great family-owned restaurant to try. Workers tend to remember customers’ names if they visit enough, and the place can become like family as it is full of the small town atmosphere. It is a great place to go when someone is in need of a home away from home.