Pageant gives homes to costumed canines

Students pet one of the Student Government Association Freshman Forum’s Puppy Pageant participants Oct. 26 at the Memorial Amphitheater. The event raised money for the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter and allowed students to adopt any of the pageant participants.

Dogs dressed up and found new homes at the Student Government Association Freshman Forum’s Puppy Pageant.

Fifteen dogs participated in the event at the Memorial Amphitheater October 26. Freshman Nadia Stewart said each dog received a bone.

“The winner of the pageant was Copper,” Stewart said. “He got a huge bone for his prize.”

Five adoptions took place after the show. Some dogs left with their new owners, while others stayed the night at the shelter before going home with them.

The event also raised $211 for the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter.

Freshman Alaina Bransford said she would have loved to adopt a puppy but could not, because she lives in Mattielou Hall.

“(The dogs) were so cute, and all of the students seemed to really enjoy this event,” she said.

Freshman Taylor Casals said the event really helped her and the rest of the students take a “stress break” from school.

SGA Freshman Forum Service Committee Delegate Trey Smith said the pageant went great for a first-time event.

“There was definitely a positive feeling in the air last night, which I think is great, because I think a lot of students got to relax and smile for a little bit despite it starting to hit that critical point in the semester,” he said.

Animals at the shelter’s current location will dress up for Halloween October 31. The shelter will also be attending a Halloween event at Highland Baptist Church October 28.

To contact the shelter, call 256-760- 6676.