Library hosts archives exhibit for visitors

Old mascot heads sit on a shelf in the UNA Archives. They will be used as a “selfie station” as part of a homecoming archives exhibit in Collier Library.

In honor of the 2017 homecoming theme “Reeling in the Years,” Collier Library is allowing the UNA community the chance to take a walk through the past.

Collier Library will host an archives exhibit Oct. 7 from noon until 2 p.m. in its basement.

Officials said they designed the event to promote some of the unique items in the library’s collection.

“Many first-time visitors are often surprised at what we have in archives,” said Jennifer Maddox, Collier’s user engagement librarian. “This is an opportunity to showcase some of our best items from the history of UNA while celebrating homecoming.”

A series of banners with various photos from the archives will lead guests from Rogers Hall to the library.

“We’re hoping that this will lead people from the Rogers Hall food truck event to Collier,” Maddox said. “We will also be passing out fliers at the Rogers Hall homecoming event to drive traffic to the exhibit.”

Maddox said the exhibit will feature historic Leo mascot heads, which visitors can use for a “selfie station.”

The event will also include photos from the archives, old banners and yearbooks from Kilby Laboratory School, Florence State Teaching College and UNA.

Maddox said the oldest items in the exhibit will be from LaGrange College. This includes the 1836 diploma of Gov. Edward A. O’Neal.