Rock trio performs “post punk” music in Florence

The rock trio, The Head, performs at Underground Art & Sound April 8. “Their sound is unlike anything I have ever heard,” said Carter Cothren, owner of Underground Art & Sound.

Screaming fans will greet the Atlanta band The Head at Underground Art & Sound April 8.

The band is a rock trio made up of drummer Jack Shaw, guitarist Jacob Morrell and vocalist Mike Shaw. The Head will perform in a line up with the bands I Met a Ghost and Boxer Joy.

Owner of Underground Art & Sound Carter Cothren said the store will not do anything special for the show.

“Every now and then, we like to host shows at the store,” he said. “There just happened to be an opening when they asked to perform.”

Jack Shaw said the band will perform their new songs at the show.

“People should expect some songs from our upcoming record, “Space” out Aug. 4, 2017,” he said. “We’ll also be sprinkling in some brand new songs, even newer than the Space songs.”

Cothren said it is difficult to describe the band’s sound.

“Their sound is unlike anything I have ever heard,” he said. “They have some pretty heavy stuff that everyone can enjoy, but they can also jam.”

Jack Shaw said many musicians influence the band’s sound.

“People have said we sound kind of new wavey and post punk,” he said. “We’re definitely influenced by bands like Echo and the Bunnymen, the Smiths, Ride, early REM, New Order and the Stone Roses.”

Cothren said people should listen to the band if they have never heard of them before.

This is the band’s second time performing in Florence, Jack Shaw said.

“We decided to come back because we’ve met and discovered some great bands in the area,” he said. “Florence has a growing scene with passionate people who truly love going to shows.”

Cothren said the band performed at the venue in 2016.

“Before when they played, it was a great show,” he said. “We had a great turnout, and the audience was great. So, when they came to us wanting to book another show, we were all for it. The first time was so great, that there was no question about it.”

Jack Shaw said they decided to play at Underground Art & Sound because the owners are supportive of local music.

“It’s a small venue (and record store during the day) which makes for a very intimate experience with us and the fans,” he said. “We’ve played record stores before and have had nothing but great experiences with those kinds of shows. It’s shows like these where we meet fans for life.”

Doors open at 8:30 p.m. with tickets costing $7.