“The Singularity” is ‘on point’

UNA sophomore Karlee Mauk performs in “The Singularity.” The original ballet, created by UNA senior Jeremy Smith, took place at the Zodiac Theater April 21 and 22.

The wooden panel floors creaked as UNA sophomore and ballerina KarleeMaukmoved across the stage. 

The dancerperformed a lyrical piece entitled “The Singularity” at Zodiac Theater in downtown Florence April 21 and will do so again April 22.  

Mauksaid the performance was not her first time performing onstage,but the event was special because many of her friends and family members attended. 

“I’ve been performing since I was three years old,”Mauksaid. “But for this crowd, it feels so incredible to be onstage.” 

“The Singularity” is an epic that draws parallel to familiar characters such as Herculesand Odysseus, according to theprogram. 

The performance also featured music to whichMaukdanced to. Instruments such as the clarinet, flute, drums, electric keyboard and xylophone sounded behind a black curtain as the ballerina danced on the tips of her toes. 

The composer of “The Singularity” was senior Jeremy Smith, who hopes to obtaina degree at UNA in music theory and composition with a minor in philosophy. After the performance, audience members flocked to Smith outside the theatre to take pictures and ask him questions.  

Mauksaid she, Smith andthe musiciansprepared for the balletfor four months. She described Smith’s composition as “genius.” 

Freshmen Olivia Martinez said the performance played out in a sophisticated and precise manner. 

“I’ve never been to anything like this, but(the performance) was a fantastic first experience,” Martinez said. 

Tickets to “The Singularity” are $15 and are availableat the ticket window outside Zodiac Theatre. 

“I definitely think everyone should come out tomorrow to see the performance,”Mauksaid. “Jeremy is incredibly talented,and the story is beautiful.”