“Power Rangers” brings new twists to classic show

When reviewing an adaptation of a show, it can go one of two ways: as an evaluation of how it is as a movie or a fan’s comparison to the source material. I am somewhere in between.

Following the premise of the original series, Power Rangers centers on five teenagers — Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Trini and Zack — who must protect the world from evil sorceress Rita Repulsa by transforming into armored warriors called Power Rangers.

However, going along with the modern trend of darker and more realistic superhero reboots, the producers definitely made changes.

Two of the biggest changes that fans have talked about are the redesigns of the suits and the new Repulsa.

The suits are cool, even though people don’t see them until the end. However, a consistent theme in the show was that a team of Rangers always had a morphing sequence. In this case, the suits ooze out of their backs, like Venom from Spider-Man, all at the same time. The fans deserve a modern re-imagining of the sequence.

As for Repulsa, the new appearance goes along with her darker backstory. The problem, however, is that her master plan is silly. She steals gold to build a giant monster, Goldar, that will dig up the planet-destroying Zeo Crystal.

When a darker adaptation of a campy series has a main villain whose focus is collecting gold and getting uncomfortably close to people, it begs the question: are we supposed to take her seriously?

Also, in the show, Goldar was one of Repulsa’s right-hand monsters, with his own personality and a recurring presence. Now, he basically serves as a giant shovel.

This time, the Rangers are all delinquents, matching the original series’ description of “teenagers with attitude.” Although, Billy was an exception. His only reason for being in detention was because his locker exploded.

Each of their personalities gives the film a more realistic feel, though only three of them are really given proper backgrounds.

The Yellow and Black Rangers’ personal problems only seem there to bring the total main character count to five. It may be hard to provide five character back stories, but it would’ve been better to just give them both a bit more time to shine.

Also, be warned: the film has more zord action than Ranger fights (though there is an out-of-costume training montage).