Club brings Art Walk to amphitheater

“I feel like most of the campus doesn’t realize we have an art department, let alone an art club.”

Junior Michael Meigs, president of the Art Club, and other members will host the Art Walk, a display of work from students to raise awareness of the club and the Department of Art April 13.

The artwork will be on display from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Memorial Amphitheater or in the Guillot University Center in case of rain.

Every piece will have the artist’s name on it, and some may have a title or price if the artists wants to sell their work. Members from the Art Club will be available to answer questions.

The walk is free to “anyone who walks by” and can include any form of art, including sculpture, ceramic, painting and photography.

The event will also have free shirts that feature senior Katie White’s winning design from a contest of the department.

Senior Hannah Balentine, an art student, said the walk helps UNA art students meet up and get to see each other’s work.

“Even though we’re all in the same building, we really don’t get to see each other’s work unless we personally go and talk to (each other),” Balentine said. “So, this is something (where) we can all get together and have a good time.”

Senior Jessica Pajaron, a club member, said having art for sale at the walk helps the department, as a portion of the art students’ sales goes back to the department.

“It helps keep our department funded for things like visiting artists, materials or anything we could possibly need in the future,” Pajaron said.

Pajaron will submit some of her ceramics work, which will also be for sale.

Balentine said the walk will hopefully show the rest of campus the art students are producing great work.

“Art is a really important part of our culture and our life today, and we want other people to recognize that (students in the department) are making amazing work,” she said.

Balentine will have some of her photos on display.

Meigs, who will also submit art, encourages all students to view the walk to not only support the Art Club but also learn about and appreciate different forms of art.

“Students who aren’t involved in art or really know nothing about it will still find joy in it,” Meigs said.

The department will accept submissions until April 10. For more information, visit the Art Club’s Facebook page, ARTuna, or contact Administrative Assistant Mathew Pereda at 256-765-4384.

Editor’s Note: Michael Meigs is a graphic designer for The Flor-Ala.