the end. Theatre continues after building closes

Its physical location may have closed July 2016, but Shoals residents will continue to hear from the end. Theatre.

The theatre, which The Flor-Ala’s readers voted best live music venue in last year’s Student Choice issue, has been without a home since the owner of its 106 S. Pine Street building sold it, leaving the end. owner Scott Long to search for a new place.

Long said he still hopes to buy a location instead of rent. The requirements for the theatre’s new home are walkability from UNA’s campus and a reasonable price.

Those who visit the theatre’s Facebook page might notice there are still regular events showing up. These are either events from the end. at other locations or Long’s attempt to help promote local artists on the page, a goal he still has, he said.

Davis Sandlin, a recent UNA student and member of the local band Isaac, said this dedication to local music is part of what helped his band succeed.

“We tried getting shows at other places, but we just didn’t have the notoriety,” he said. “Nobody wanted to book a band they didn’t know and nobody talks about. We didn’t really have any material out, but Scott met us, and he trusted us. He was a nice enough guy to have us come up there and play. It kind of kicked it off (for us).”

David Lanier, a Cullman musician, said Long gave him similar support with his “avant-garde” project, titled “Munook.”

“It was very difficult to find my first gig as most venues didn’t know what to do with me and wouldn’t book me in a prime spot,” he said. “Luckily, the end. Theatre gave me my first gig on Dec. 21, 2012, and stayed loyal fans of my work for years to come, opening their doors to me whenever I needed a gig to fill in a tour.

“Honestly, when that room was packed out, that tiny basement venue provided some of the best shows I’ve ever had.”

Music wasn’t the only art form Long supported with the theatre. He also hosted Boxcar Voices, a local spoken word group that met there biweekly.

“I loved going to Boxcar Voices at the end., and I loved that Florence had a theatre that was so accessible for the community and for students,” said senior Chloe Allen.

Boxcar Voices is searching for a home as well, although Long said it will always be welcome at the future home of the theatre.

the end. also hosted Sustainable Differences, an improvisational comedy troupe. Long said the group is still active and is looking to start an improv troupe at UNA. Any students who are interested should contact the Sustainable Differences Facebook page.

For those who want to support the theatre, Long said to think kind thoughts and support local arts in whatever way possible. He also said to look out for locations wherein the end. could fit.

“The more eyes and ears who are paying attention, the more likely we are to find a place where people are willing to go and that we can afford to be at,” he said.