Surviving breakups, one lyric at a time

Breakups can be hard, especially in February.

Many things can help the moving on process, such as spending time with friends and family, engaging in favorite pastimes or even learning a new skill to have a mental break.

Another aid can be music. No one can ignore powerful lyrics and the emotional power they have. 

Check out this guide to hear some suggested songs to deal with the many emotions that can take over during a breakup.

“How can you Mend a Broken Heart”

The Bee Gees’ classic breakup song is a must during the transition from coupledom to single life. Just listening to Al Green’s version when writing this list had me tearful.

The title lyrics, as well as some like “How can you stop the rain from falling down? How can you stop the sun from shining?” are beautiful in that they show the singer feels his normal world no longer works the same without the other person’s love. This is similar to how a breakup feels, so this song is great for wallowing.

“End of the Road”

After the misery comes the acceptance, and maybe even pleas for a second change. The chorus lyrics from the Boys II Men hit show this well: “Although we’ve come/To the end of the road/Still I can’t let go/It’s unnatural/You belong to me/I belong to you.”

The lyrics describe someone who knows the the relationship is over but still isn’t ready to believe it’s true. That’s also an acceptable state to be in as long as both people respect any wishes for space. If the other person no longer wants to communicate, listening to this song might help the listener move on.

“I will Survive”

Once the newly single accept their fate, this is the perfect song for self-empowerment. if that person wasn’t “the one,” that’s OK. Listen to Gloria Ganyor when she says, “I will survive/Oh, as long as I know I’ll stay alive.” There will be more to discover and love in life than the people in the past.

“No Surprise”

This Daughtry entry to the list is great to embrace for those relationships that ended amicably. Instead of ex-bashing, it says, “Yeah you and I will be a tough act to follow / But I know in time we’ll find this was no surprise.” The song will encourage listeners to appreciate the past relationship and move on from it.

“Before He Cheats”

If the lyrics aren’t clear enough, the video to this song depict someone destroying a cheating partners vehicle. It’s satisfying to watch as she busts glass, scratches paint and rips seats apart. Although it might not be the healthiest mindset to enter, singing along with Carrie Underwood as she documents the damage in the lyrics might just release some hurt and anger from the not-so-amicable separation.

Editors Note: Neither The Flor-Ala nor I support or encourage damage to others’ property or acts of violence.