“Doctor Strange” is a mystical adventure

Marvel Studios released “Doctor Strange” Nov. 4 starring Benedict Cumberbatch. The movie is more philosophical than the standard Marvel film, but it was just as fascinating to watch.

The movie focuses on the age-old battle of good versus evil but encompasses incredible visual effects and catchy music.

The movie centers Doctor Strange, an egotistical and arrogant neurosurgeon who loses the function in his hands due to a car accident.

After the accident, Strange loses his life purpose. Without the function of his hands, Strange can no longer operate.

Doctor Strange searches for a surgeon who will attempt an experimental and expensive operation to correct the problem, but no one can do what Strange needs to be a neurosurgeon again.

Along the way, Strange pushes away every person who cares about him, including his colleagues and his love interest, Doctor Christine Palmer.

Cumberbatch perfectly exhibits the hopelessness and desperation Strange feels during this transition in his life.

Strange finds a healer with the people of Kamar-Taj, a community in Nepal where people practice mystical arts. Strange begs the Ancient One, an extremely old and incredibly talented enchantress, to teach him the mystical powers of the people.

Not only can the masters of Kamar-Taj practice magic, but they can also bend the astral plane and alter the time continuum.

As Strange progresses with his training, viewers saw his hope reemerge. He regains his sense of humor, and he made me laugh hysterically throughout the film.

Strange displays his acquired mystical skills when he battles Kaecilius, a former master who sought everlasting life from an evil entity, and his followers throughout the movie.

By the end of the film, Stephen Strange transformed as a person. Instead of focusing on the loss of his hand function and, as a result, no longer being a surgeon, Strange used his talents elsewhere. Stephen Strange practiced until he was one of the best masters, one who practiced mystical arts, in the world.

Director Scott Derrickson did a fantastic job with this film. He accurately portrays the evolution of Doctor Stephen Strange as a character. Throughout the movie, Strange replaces his egotistical personality with a higher calling to protect the world. Derrickson perfectly captures this change on the screen.

The mystical powers of this film were a fresh take on magic.

The “Doctor Strange” soundtrack Michael Giacchino composed had an instantly recognizable tune that accompanied the movie. As the credits rolled and music filled my ears, my head bobbed to the catchy music. Pink Floyd’s song “Interstellar Overdrive” became my instant favorite song from the soundtrack.

“Doctor Strange” was an awesome film. The fresh spin on an ancient tale of good and evil provided me with an interesting movie with quotable lines, epic battles and lovable characters. Doctor Stephen Strange is my new infatuation.

There were two scenes after the credits that many people in the theater did not see because they left too soon. However, I encourage viewers to stay after the credits roll. The scenes give viewers an idea of what the sequel will encompass.

“Doctor Strange” was such an adventure, and I applaud the creators of this film.