5 ways to stay healthy this holiday season

Most people see Thanksgiving as a food-based holiday. A variety of high calorie food surrounds them on this day, and it might be hard resisting the temptation to eat everything.

The average person consumes 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving, according Calorie Control Council. This is twice the amount of calories an average person should consume in a day if they want to maintain their weight. It is triple the amount of the calories they need to lose weight.

However, there are ways to maintain a healthy weight and diet over Thanksgiving break despite all of the delicious food selections.

In most instances, a person can still eat hearty turkey or sweet potatoes while simultaneously watching their weight.

Eating habits are just as important as an actual diet. Here are tips to remain healthy during the holidays.

1. Do not skip meals.

Do not skip meals to prepare for a large, upcoming Thanksgiving dinner. When a person skips a meal, they are more likely to binge-eat later, according to health.com.

Skipping meals is not a successful weight-tactic. Instead, eat smaller portions throughout the day to avoid the temptation of eating the whole pumpkin pie at dinner.

2. Eat slowly.

This might seem like a nearly impossible task because the cook will cover the dinner table with delicious food, but it will help.

The body registers more slowly that it is full when the intake of food is quicker. If the body does not register fullness, it becomes much easier to continually eat, according to health.com.

3. Serve dishes individually.

Serve meals restaurant-style. Never place all of the food on the dinner table. This makes it too easy to reach out and grab another spoonful of dressing or another slice of pie. Instead, bring each course of the meal out of the kitchen one at a time. This can reduce overall food intake.

4. Moderate alcohol.

Be cautious of alcoholic beverage intake. Alcohol is full of unnecessary calories. Not only that, but when under the influence, a person is more likely to lose inhibitions and eat everything in sight. Responsible drinking to celebrate the holidays is acceptable.

5. Set realistic goals.

The holidays are a time of happiness. People should not continuously worry about how many calories they are eating because impractical goals can actually stunt long-term weight loss. Make goals specific but attainable. After all, the holidays should be a time of happiness.

The secret of remaining healthy over the holidays is balance. Enjoy the seasonal foods of Thanksgiving, but eat proportional helpings. Do not continue to eat just because something is tasty, and stop when full.