Campus attends domestic violence awareness event

Attendants hold their candles during the candlelight vigil at Take Back the Night. “It was really powerful,” said freshman Shelby Sisk. “I think it was really important for all of us to get together and have this meeting.”

News Editor Kaitlyn Davis

Campus members gathered at the Memorial Amphitheater Oct. 27 for Take Back the Night, an event that raises awareness for domestic violence.

The Center for Women’s Studies and the Military and Veterans Alliance organized the event.

Take Back the Night honors the survivors of domestic violence as well as the people who have died because of domestic violence, said Coordinator for Women’s Studies Emily Kelley during the event.

Take Back the Night is also about empowerment, Kelley said.

“We have come to move from fear to courage, from darkness to light, to take back our personal power as individuals,” Kelley said. “In short, we are here to take back the night.”

The event included music from Graduate Assistant for Title IX Madeleine Frankford and sophomore Kat Elizabeth Hetrick and spoken poetry by University Success Center Administrative Assistant Tammy Rhodes. Adjunct Professor of Religion Carl Gebhardt also spoke at Take Back the Night and led the candlelight vigil.

Junior Rahsaun Fletcher said he enjoyed the music the most at the event.

“The song (Hetrick) sung spoke truth to me,” Fletcher said.

The timing of the event was perfect, said senior Antonio Newsome

“It was good event considering what just happened on campus,” Newsome said.

Freshman Shelby Sisk said she thought the event was beneficial for campus.

“It was really powerful,” Sisk said. “I think it was really important for all of us to get together and have this meeting.”