YouTube Red exceeds expectations

When YouTube launched a video announcing YouTube Red in October 2015, a paid version of the service with new features, was outrage in the comment section.

After a year, the angry comments, such as “This video need to be #1 must disliked video on YouTube” and “YouTube Red sucks,” have calmed down with over 140,000 people “liking” the trailer compared to the 43,000 who dislike it.

YouTube offered users the chance to use YouTube Red for three months for only 99 cents at the beginning of 2016. I decided to try this trial period to see if YouTube Red is worth the full price of $9.99 per month.

YouTube Red offers ad-free videos, original shows from popular YouTubers, the opportunity to download videos and the ability to play videos in the background.

Each feature is available on mobile devices but not on computers.

YouTube Red costs $2 more than the basic plan for Netflix or Hulu Plus.

The feature which interested me the most was the original shows and movies from YouTubers. By having YouTube Red, YouTube provides certain creators the opportunity to create high budget productions.

YouTubers such as gamer PewDiePie, comedian Lilly Singh, The Game Theorists and others have original content on YouTube Red.

My favorite show through this service is MatPat’s Game Lab. On this show, Matthew Patrick, the creator of the show, places YouTube gamers in real life versions of games such as Five Night’s at Freddy’s, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Rocket League and more. The channel also allows viewers to experience the action in Virtual Reality.

I was also excited to be able to listen to music on YouTube without having the app on the screen. With a membership to YouTube Red, users can now have music play continuously, even when they close the app.

If someone enjoys a YouTuber who uses the service or uses YouTube often enough to appreciate the new features, they should buy it. The service exceeds expectations, but the price could be cheaper or they could offer more features, such as access to movies consumers would normally pay for.

I paid for the services for two months after the trial ended, and I do not regret spending the money. I ended my subscription with YouTube Red because I spend money on other subscriptions, such as Hulu Plus and Crunchyroll, a website where I can stream anime. These services are cheaper than YouTube Red and offers access to more shows and other features. If YouTube lowers the price, then I will return.

There is one month free trial for people who are interested in trying YouTube Red.