Healthy and easy breakfast recipes

Fruit Smoothie

For college students, making breakfast and finding the time to eat it is not always a simple task. I compiled and created three easy breakfast foods for a student in constant motion. For the reader who does not want fast food, read on for delicious treats.

Fruit Smoothie (330 Calories):


– Yoplait original yogurt

– Milk

– Frozen strawberries

– Bananas


Pour a cup of yogurt into the blender. Pour a ¼ of a cup of milk into the blender. Place the frozen strawberries into the blender.

Blend all the ingredients together. Slice a banana. Place 3 banana pieces onto the top of the smoothie.



– Any kind of cereal

– Milk

– Mason jar

– Recycled fruit container

– spoon


Pour the cereal into the mason jar. Pour milk into the emptied fruit cup. Place the plastic container into the mason jar.

The edges of the plastic container sit atop the rim of the mason. Place the lid on the jar.

With this efficient hack, one can take cereal to-go without it getting soggy from the milk.

Nutella Bread


-Loaf of bread

-Nutella hazelnut spread



Use a knife to spread the Nutella across a piece of bread. Dice (or crush in a Ziploc bag) the pecans to desired size. Warm the bread in a microwave for 25 seconds.

I opted to leave the pecans whole on my bread for a more distinct taste, but students could leave the nuts off of the bread completely and still have a tasty breakfast.