5 apps to help students study

For students to stay up to date with their classes, they need to study. Some only need to study for short time, while others have to study for hours.

Luckily there are many apps available on smartphones and computers to help with this task. After trying these apps and reading reviews, I listed below the top five apps to help with studying and procrastination.


StudyBue allows students to create flashcards and quizzes to study. Users also have access to flashcards that other UNA students have created. However, StudyBlue limits the materials can see from students from other schools.

This app is number 1 on the list because it is similar to Quizlet, a popular study app. It shares some of the same features, but StudyBlue makes it easier to find study materials from previous students. StudyBlue allows students to join the class they are in along with the teacher.

This app is available free for Android and Apple users. If students do not want to access the app on their phone, StudyBlue also has a web version. Students can upgrade their account for $7 a month. When students make the upgrade, they have access to material from anyone who uses the service.


Self-Control helps students with procrastination. This app allows students to block websites for an amount of time in order to concentrate on their work. After the timer ends, students can access those sites again.

This provides students the chance to work on an assignment without social media or YouTube distracting them. It comes in second place because it can help students stay focused on their task.

While this app is only available in the Apple Store for Macs, StayFocused and LeechBlock are alternatives for Windows users.


GoConqr allows students to create quizzes, flashcards and idea maps to study for an exam or write a paper.

While this has more methods of studying for students than Quizlet, the difficulty of making an account places it third. To sign up for the website, students must select the subjects and degree program they will use this for. These are hard to find since it is not located in a dropdown menu. Other than those issues, GoConqr helps when exam time comes.

This app is available free for Android, Apple and PC. If students do not want to use every tool available on the GoConqr app, they can download individual apps for the quizzes, mind maps and flashcards.


This app not only allows students to study for a foreign language class, but it also helps them learn new languages on their own. This app provides lessons for students who are learning a new language, and it acts as a perfect study tool. Students can refresh their memory on a certain subject or make sure they understand a topic.

This app is great for students in Spanish, French or Russian, but it comes in fourth place because it does not cover every language offered at UNA. While UNA has classes for Chinese, Japanese and Arabic, those students will not find help on Duolingo.

This app is available free on Android and Apple. It also has a website for students who feel more comfortable working with languages on a computer.


OpenStudy allows students to find free help from other students if they are having problems with homework or while studying. All students have to do is ask a question to a qualified helper, and they will receive a response. The app also allows students to find other people who are taking the same classes, so they can help each other.

This app is number 5 because the students who might find the best use for it are those who are taking their basic classes. The highest level for math is statistics.

This app is available for Apple devices. It also has a website for those who do not own an Apple product.