SGA president shares goals and dreams for next year

Student Government Association President Sarah Green listens to a student ask questions about voting Feb. 23 outside of the Guillot University Center. Green hopes to connect with more students next year.

I sat down with the Student Government Association President Sarah Green to talk about her goals for campus and what she does when she isn’t voicing students’ opinions.

Q.    Why did you want to be the SGA president?

A. I guess the moment that I first started thinking that I wanted to be the SGA president was the end of my freshman year.

Seeing President KeKoria “KeKe” Greer get sworn in as the (2014-15)SGA president (and) seeing her give her inaugural address, from that moment, I just kind of had a feeling that this is what I want to do.

 I am really passionate about the students and making sure that every student on this campus, regardless of what they do, what they major in, what they are involved in, that they are represented and cared for at the university.

Q.    What are your goals for next year?

A. My goals for next year are to connect to our students and have our SGA members and me as the president reaching out to students to see what students want before we do anything. So (I want to make) sure students are involved in the SGA process and becoming a part of UNA, and making UNA their home.

Q.    What are your hobbies?

A. Well, I’m on the swim team, so I like to swim. I like to play with my puppy dog, Ladybug. I really love to read. I was reading an Amelia Earhart biography. I didn’t finish it though. I watch Netflix — just normal stuff like college students do.

Q.    What has your experience at UNA meant to you so far?

A. My experience at UNA has been amazing. It’s truly been more than I could ever dream and hope for from a college experience.

I love every minute of it.