North Alabama Ink provides pleasant experience

Like many students and Shoals citizens, I went to North Alabama Ink to get my tattoo kicks and piercing pricks.

A year ago, after hearing high acclaim from friends and fellow students, I decided to consult North Alabama Ink to finish an incomplete tattoo on my right side.

I met with artist Mike Norton who has since relocated. I told him exactly what I wanted, and soon after, I made an appointment to get some fresh ink.

The shop is capable of making stencils of what the customer wants, and they made one just for me. He placed the design before he started, simply to make sure I was happy with what I decided to permanently etch into my skin. It was almost like the peel-and-stick tattoos we got when we were children.

After I was satisfied with the location, I got comfortable. He opened fresh needles right in front of me, as it should be. He poured the ink, and it was time to begin.

Considering the placement, I knew this would be a long and painful process. Since the art I wanted was detailed, it took about two and a half hours, including a short break. For that length of time, we listened to the stereo playing the band of my choice.

The entire experience was great, and I would recommend North Alabama Ink to anyone interested in getting a tattoo or piercing.

With five skilled tattoo artists on hand, North Alabama Ink is not short on talent. You can contact Daniel “Dan-o” Freeman, Rich Griggs, Adam Freeman, Russ Wood or Stan “Stogie” Stogner. The shop displays their work in-store and on North Alabama Ink’s Facebook page.

North Alabama Ink is a very well-run and clean establishment. Each staff member is kind and approachable, and all of the artists are extremely talented. They are ready and willing to answer questions, while providing excellent customer service.

North Alabama Ink at 3655 Cloverdale Road is a convenient and short drive for students on and around campus. The shop closes Sunday and Monday, opens Tuesday and Wednesday noon-8 p.m. and opens Thursday through Saturday noon-10 p.m. You can make appointments or ask questions through Facebook messenger or by phone call at (256) 349-2618. You can even stop by when the doors are open. At North Alabama Ink, your art can have a permanent home.