“Important landmark” closes doors

Since 1980, the record and comic book store Pegasus Records has been a staple in the community. The locals lose its service when the doors close April 16.

Eli Flippen is the owner of Pegasus Records. He decided to close the store to spend more time with his family.

The closing of the store is set for National Record Store Day. Flippen said he did not plan to close it on this day.

“I had actually chose the closing day to be March 31, but the outpour from the community was much greater than I was expecting,” he said. “With (Record Store Day) being just two weeks past when I wanted to close it down, everybody had asked if we could just stay open and at least take part in one more RSD.”

It is sad this influential store is closing, said sophomore Jessica Danielowicz.

“I feel like we are losing an important landmark, but I do wish the family the best in their future endeavors,” she said.

Flippen said the store will have a farewell party with local businesses setting up.

“I will definitely be going to this event,” said junior Cameron Balentin. “I like how the businesses in Florence are coming together to celebrate this store.”

Flippen said Pegasus was born out of an idea his father had while taking a marketing class at UNA.

“He did a thorough enough job with the background of the project that he and his professor felt it was a viable business option,” he said.

Flippen bought the business in 2007.

Danielowicz said the staff is friendly and willing to give suggestions.

“They remember you when you come in frequently, and they really have the vibe of a ‘local music store’ that seems to otherwise only be true in Hollywood,” she said.

Flippen said the store started as a music store, but it expanded to comics two years ago.

“We had actually looked at adding comics a few times over the past,” he said. “One of the main reasons is it being because I’m a huge comic collector. Several of the people who have worked for me over the years have been comic collectors.”

While Pegasus Records will close, it will not disappear. Some of the store’s merchandise will transfer over to a new local store, Blank Coffee, Comics and Records.

“They have already taken our back issue stuff and will be getting the rest of the comics on (April 10)” Flippen said. “They had asked about buying the comics for their store, and I thought it was a great way for things to stay local.”

Flippen said while the store is closing, he hopes to use the name Pegasus Records to help the community.

“If we don’t get anyone coming in last-minute to buy the rights out to the name, we’re looking at other ways we can use what we’ve built to help promote growth in the community,” he said. “So, while it might not be a record store, we’re going to find something to do with the name Pegasus Records to still help the local community.”