Students offer suggestions for an inexpensive Valentine’s Day

Consumers will spend approximately $20 billion this year on Valentine’s gifts, according to the National Retail Federation’s Valentine’s Day Consumer Spending Survey.

The average person spends close to $145 on candy, flowers, clothing and more, according to the survey.

While many college students may want to spend that kind of money on their loved ones, it is not always an option.

Several students have offered alternative suggestions to spending a lot of money.

“Picnics by the river or somewhere nice were always my favorite thing to do,” said senior Kai Ogle.

Hiking, watching the stars and outdoor day or night fun are also great, she said.

Married students junior Brianna Coleman and senior Collin Coleman are spending their first Valentine’s Day at home, said Brianna Coleman.

“We’re ordering Rice Box and having a movie day, she said.

It is not that important to give gifts, said sophomore Bryant Hasheider.

“I think just spending time with one another is the most important thing,” he said.

Before they were engaged, her boyfriend Luke, who is now her husband, recreated scenes from old romantic movies one year, said senior Danielle Stokes.

“He sent flowers to my job, picked me up, had dinner cooked for me, and set up a putt putt golf course throughout his apartment,” she said. “We ended the night pretending we were at an old drive-in theatre and watched the movie “Ghost” with Demi Moore. It was really my favorite Valentine’s Day we have ever spent together.”

Keep the holiday personal, said freshman LaDarius Brown.

“Make your own date,” he said. “Make your own cards and stuff.”

Spending a lot of money is unnecessary, said freshman Anaiya King.

“Go stargazing, or go to McDonald’s,” she said.

Rent a movie, drive around or do something outdoors, said freshman Sophia Tran.

“It doesn’t have to be expensive,” she said. “It has to be something you two find special, not necessarily material.”