PoBoys offers authentic Cajun cuisine

PoBoys Cajun Grill’s Molasses Bourbon BBQ Chicken provides a satisfying meal at a reasonable price. This restaurant is on South Main Street in Tuscumbia.

While enjoying a night out, my companion and I wanted to try a new restaurant.

A few of my friends had recently been posting pictures on Facebook of delectable dishes they had eaten at PoBoys Cajun Grill in Tuscumbia. We decided to give this place a try.

After a short 15-minute wait, the hostess seated us close to the kitchen. My seat allowed me to peek over the counter into the kitchen where I could see the chefs preparing several different appetizing dishes. Each new plate of food that raced past me in the hands of the servers looked more mouth-watering than the one before.

As is our normal practice when trying a new restaurant, we asked our server what she recommended. She named a few meals she assured us were delicious.

I decided on the large plate of Molasses Bourbon BBQ Chicken with sides of mashed potatoes and green beans for $13.95. My companion ordered a large bowl of Shrimp Creole for $15.95.

Since we were splurging and wanting to try several things, we decided on an Alligator Bite appetizer for $9.95. My companion also ordered a cup of Seafood Gumbo for $4.95, and I ordered a cup of Red Beans and Rice for $3.95. The Alligator Bites were tender and juicy and came with a spicy dipping sauce. My Red Beans and Rice was warm and delicious, and the Seafood Gumbo had just the right mix of seafood and rice.

When our entrees arrived and the server placed my dish before me, I knew I’d made the right decision. The chicken breast came smothered in a bourbon barbeque sauce that had a little kick to it. The perfectly seasoned green beans tasted just like grandma’s, and the mashed potatoes were warm and fluffy. I ordered a large plate with intentions of taking some home, but the menu also offers a small plate for $4 less.

The Shrimp Creole featured Gulf shrimp drenched in a Creole tomato sauce with bell peppers and onions served over a hearty helping of white rice.

To top off the evening, we ordered a plate of bread pudding. This was by far one of the most delicious desserts I’ve ever eaten at a restaurant. It was warm, gooey and delectably sweet.

We brought home plenty of leftovers for another single meal with dessert.

While the location may not be ideal for a quick lunch, the food is worth the drive for a nice, sit-down meal. Poboy’s Cajun Grill may have just become our family’s new favorite place to eat.