Writing helps Thompson channel emotions

Senior William Thompson reads a poem from his published book, “Love’s Deepest Darkness and Brightest Joys.” Thompson said his favorite poem is “Letter to My Future Wife.” He wrote the poem for his wife Kiara Thompson after they dated for four months.

Senior William Thompson knows what it is like to grow up facing obstacles and adversity. His family struggled financially, and he would often have to work just to make enough money to eat that day.

There were times, he said, he would have to wait until school Monday to eat.

His mother and father both suffered from health issues, and when he was just four years old, his oldest brother died.

“That’s just the type of environment I was in,” Thompson said. “It wasn’t an easy environment to live in.”

He used writing as a tool for dealing with things happening in his life, he said.

“I pretty much wrote just to get emotions down because I don’t really talk about emotions or know how to convey them properly by talking,” he said. “Writing them seems to actually help me understand my emotions.”

Thompson experienced more obstacles in 2015. While struggling with the death of his father in February 2015, he was also working to provide for his family and attending school. Through all the difficulties, however, Thompson was able to publish his first book of poetry, “Love’s Deepest Darkness and Brightest Joys.”

Thompson published the book March 17, 10 days after his father’s memorial service and nine days after his son’s first birthday.

Thompson said his favorite poem is “Letter to My Future Wife.” He wrote the poem for his wife Kiara Thompson after they dated four months.

“Me and my wife have had some rough times,” he said. “I think that just dealt with us both having to mature before we could actually be together.”

Thompson’s friend and senior Jaleesa Escott said Thompson’s love for his family stands out.

“I’ve watched them get through hard times, as well as celebrate the good,” she said. “I’m proud of William. To be a young black man in this society is not an easy thing.”

Thompson designed the cover for his first book from an award-winning piece he did for art class in high school, he said. He is proud of this because his twin brother can draw anything.

“That’s the first piece of art I ever did that actually came out looking like it was supposed to,” he said.

He has already written his second book, “Enchanted Abyss,” and designed the cover for it, he said.

The design is a picture of his stone cross tattoo, he said.

“To me it represents God’s promise to men that he’ll always be there,” he said. “It’s a reminder not to give up.”

He deserves this success, said friend and senior Daisy Cooper.

“He has been through a lot, but just kept going,” she said. “He didn’t make excuses, he just worked hard.”

Escott said she likes how real Thompson’s poetry is.

“I like how it comes directly from his heart to the page,” she said. “I like how vulnerable it is, putting his life and feelings into words for everyone to judge and read.”

Thompson said though he wants to pursue a career in writing, he does have other goals.

He plans to attend graduate school and pursue a degree in Student Affairs Administration to positively impact the lives of others, he said.

“To me, helping somebody possibly make better life decisions, that’s something I want to do,” he said.

Anyone interested in purchasing “Loves Deepest Darkness and Brightest Joys” can find it on the Barnes and Noble, eBay, Tate Publishing and Amazon websites.