Counseling students offer food and fun

Food and mystery solving will converge at Trinity Episcopal Church Feb. 26 at 7 p.m.

“It is going to be a murder mystery dinner theatre with proceeds going to send four students and one professor to a multicultural counseling conference in Italy,” said graduate student Melissa Russell.

The students and professor are part of the Cultural Counseling Initiative at UNA. Assistant Professor of Counselor Education Miranda Parries created this group for the students who will fly to Italy.

The owner of the end. theatre Scott Long is one of the students heading on the trip.

“Scott was the mastermind behind this event,” said Assistant Professor of Counselor Education Miranda Parries. “He was the one who went out and made those connections and found those locations.”

She said Long contacted the improv group and booked the church as a venue.

Parries said Long is cooking the entire dinner.

“It will be a three-course meal with a salad, entrée and dessert,” Long said. “While (patrons) are eating, the mystery will be going on around them.”

He said the improv group Sustainable Differences will perform as the crime solvers.

The dialogue is where most of the improv comes, in said David Prejeant, director of Sustainable Differences.

“This murder mystery event has an outline,” he said. “We have defined characters and information crucial to the story that we need to get across to our audience so they can play the game. We know where we are going, we just are not sure how we will get there.”

Long said the setting and theme will not be like the movie “Clue.” The mystery took place at a dinner party.

“I’ve done so many that are like ‘Clue’ or some version of ‘Clue’, but not everyone has been in that kind of setting,” he said. “As of right now, it takes place in a child’s bedroom. It will be about a group of toys investigating the death of their owner.”

He said there is no dress code for the event.

Parries said she is eager for the event.

“I was not a part of the planning, so I hope to be surprised,” she said. “I’ve never been to something like this before, and I’m really excited about it.”

Russell said she has already bought tickets to attend the event. She said she bought the tickets at Pegasus Records for $25.

Long said people should not be reluctant to pay this amount for the show.

“It’s hard to get a salad, entrée and dessert for only $25,” he said. “To get that and a show is astronomical. Plus, I cook a fantastic pie. It’s so good, you would slap a loved one to get another slice.”