The Flor-Ala staff tastes quirky holiday drinks

Managing Editor Jasmine Fleming and Associate Sports Editor Kadin Pounders make a toast. Fleming and Pounders, along with Editor-in-Chief Kali Daniel, tasted holiday drinks in the name of journalism.

The holidays have special drinks associated with them, like egg nog and hot chocolate, but what happens when you hit 21? Managing Editor Jasmine Fleming, Associate Sports Editor Kadin Pounders and myself explored the dark side of beverage favorites for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Egg Nog

J: It’s actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Although it is stronger than I expected. It tastes peppermint-y.

KD: What? It tastes like cinnamon alcohol with milk. I could drink this all day.

KP: Yeah, it’s like, really creamy.

J: Definitely not my favorite.

KD: You’ve only had one!

KP: It’s Evan Williams, and Evan Williams is always a bit stronger. It isn’t the smoothest.

KD: It’s warm, though.

J: You’re right, it is warm. Maybe I’m not drinking it as fast as you are.

KD: That was unpleasant. It started off nice but it got pretty bad.

J: Save it for Christmas.

KD: Definitely. With my family, I’m going to need it.

Chai Hot Toddy

J: It’s really sweet and smooth. And I like it a lot. Tea and alcohol is a good combination. [Kadin,] you don’t seem like you like it very much.

KP: I don’t not like it, I just…. It’s just not a good combination to me. The taste combination.

J: I have the opposite reaction. I thought it went really well together. I think my tongue is going kind of numb, though.

KD: Less bourbon would be better. I mean, it tastes like a hot toddy.

KP: I’ve never had one before. I’m pretty much just a beer drinker. Well, I’m going to drink the rest of it.

KD: Oh, so it’s not that bad.

KP: I mean, it’s got alcohol.

KD: It tastes like paint thinner. Milk with paint thinner. I don’t want to finish this.KP: I’ve got to put some more chai tea in this shit.

J: We need a higher tea-to-bourbon ratio.

Hot Chocolate

KD: I’m getting a pot undertone from the Peppermint Schnapps. Do we want to warm the mug first? It says to, to keep the drink warmer longer.

J: I don’t think we’re worth all that…. WOAH. It’s really hot, but really good. Are any of our photographers over 21? Where are they? This is really good.

KD: You said that about the last one and we all hated it, so….

KP: I feel like peppermint and chocolate would be a good combination. I know I’ve only had two drinks so far, but the eggnog was the best.

KD: The peppermint schnapps smells awful.

J: It’s very peppermint-y. I would have used less of the schnapps, personally.

KP: Damn, that’s hot. I think I just burnt all my taste buds.

KD: So now you know it tastes good.

KP: I’m drinking boiling water. Despite the sensation of my tongue being burned-

J: Other than that, yeah-

KP: It’s good. We should have done beer, too. Samuel Adams winter lager.

J: What’s the last one?

KD: Champagne.

KP: I can do Champagne, now. Well not now. But you know, now.

J: That seems like a weird thing to drink after hot chocolate.

KP: Well, I mean, we drank eggnog followed by tea and now we’re drinking hot chocolate. It’s a weird order to go in.

KD: Well, you can be in charge next time.

KP: My first impression is that this is a really good drink. It is a cluster of peppermint and chocolate. But a good cluster. On the record, damn, this is a good drink.

J: Are you just trying to see how many curse words you can fit into this?

KD: They should give this to kids on Christmas Eve.

J: Why…would they do that? Who are “they?”

KD: Parents. Santa should bring children peppermint schnapps.

KP: Irresponsible teenagers baby-sitting on Christmas Eve.


J: It’s very fruity. It’s the most fruity drink we’ve had. It tastes kind of like pink moscato to me, which is my favorite kind of wine. So I like it.

KD: It smells like fruity roadkill. I haven’t tried it yet, but that’s what it smells like.

J: Huh. That’s a really good description. Fruity roadkill.

KP: It smells like Champagne and wine.

KD: You a big Champagne drinker?

KP: When I have to be.

J: What does that even mean? “When you have to be.”

KP: Take from that what you will.

J: What’s the difference between Champagne and wine?

KP: Champagne’s more classy.

KD: This is not as bad as I thought it was going to be. It tastes cleaner than wine.

J: It’s the only clear thing we’ve drank. Like a soft drink, only better.

KD: It’s like…. Powerade with alcohol. Dang, Jasmine’s going for round two.

KP: Uh yeah, save me some. I love this kind of stuff.

KD: Sarcasm? You just said you’re only a beer guy.

KP: Yeah, but. I am a beer guy. I’m going to drink beer before I drink liquor.

KD: I think Kadin’s done.


Hot Chocolate

1 packet hot cocoa
2 oz. peppermint schnapps
1 oz. whipped cream-flavored vodka
Whipped cream

Chai Hot Toddy

2 packets chai tea
2 oz. Tazo Chai tea mix
2 oz. bourbon
Prepare tea according to package instructions – use half the water recommended. Pour in bourbon, then tea mix.