10 Dirty Santa Gifts to rule the Christmas Party

by News Editor Anna Brown

1. Picture frame

My personal statistics tell me 100 percent of Dirty Santa games involve some sort of picture frame. Within those games, 85 percent of the gifts are, in fact, picture frames. You cannot go wrong with this item.

2. A ball cap

In all seriousness, the other 15 percent is probably this. Caps are a good addition to a Dirty Santa game, just make sure it is a UNA hat. They seem to win a lot.

3. A “boy band” CD

Who can deny the awesomeness of making a long road trip even longer with these throwback jams? Tell me why, it’s tearing up my heart.

4. A John Cena T-shirt

Because nobody is tired of John Cena, right?

5. Socks

It might be the most dreaded gift one can receive from their parents, but in Dirty Santa, this gift will rock your…never mind.

6. The Flor-Ala Newspaper

If you can’t afford socks, go pick up a free newspaper on campus. It is a pretty good newspaper and an even better Dirty Santa gift.

7. A tool set

When it comes time to steal a gift, you can always count on Uncle Bob to swipe in and get this one. Plus, if you ever need something fixed, you hit two birds with one stone.

8. Two double-A batteries

…Gift not included.

9. Back scratcher

These bad boys come in handy, but when you need it, it is either away from you or lost forever.

10. Food

Do I even need a reason?