Campus offers resources for student health and success

Many students on campus are not taking advantage of the resources that UNA has to offer. UNA has so many resources for students, and they, unfortunately, often let opportunities to use them go by.

Some of the programs dedicated to helping students are Career Planning and Development, the University Success Center, the Center for Women’s Studies and Student Counseling Services.

Career Planning and Development is here to assist you when it comes to writing a cover letter, writing a resume and even finding a job. They also have a closet where you can rent out interview clothes. From suits to shoes, Career Planning and Development has it all for you.

Second, the University Success Center helps you with classes that you may have trouble with, especially writing and math courses. If you are struggling in a class, please do not wait until the last minute. Get the help they offer, and your grade will improve in the long run.

Because of the financial strains of college, some students struggle to afford even the basic necessities. The Center for Women’s Studies is the right place for you (and it is for men, as well). If you need a few toiletries or are looking for a quiet place to eat and do some work, make a stop there to check it out. What they have to offer might surprise you.

As college students we have to balance school, work, many organizations or even parenting. Some days feel longer than others and every time you look up, an assignment is due. When we want to vent or need some advice, most of the time we are afraid to turn to family and friends for support. If you ever feel alone, Student Counseling Services is just a call away. The staff will help you with your situation. Do not wait until it is too late.

If you would like to use any of the listed resources, they can be contacted at:    

Career Planning and Development


University Success Center


Center for Women’s Studies


Student Counseling Services