UPC plans for ice rink and chill

Entertainment this spring is “snow” joke as the quest to put up an ice rink is in the works.

The University Program Council has a goal set to raise $16,000 for the ice rink, which they hope to open by February 2016.

“The motive behind it is to get students excited about coming to school, and do something they are not able to do everyday,” said UPC Pro Tempore Amanda Areostatico. “The nearest one is in Decatur. It is far, and students have to pay $20.”

While UPC typically uses its cut of the student activity fee to pay for students’ entertainment, funding for the ice rink will not come entirely from the fee.

“(UPC) will ask local businesses to donate and sponsor us in order to raise money,” said UPC Vice President Adam McCollum. “We didn’t want to spend all of the student activity fee. UPC will take a little bit of money from the budget.” 

There are flat areas around campus that would be suitable for the ice rink’s location, Areostatico said.

“We are looking to set up the ice rink at the practice field,” she said.

Senior Coddy MacNeill said he is concerned as to what the university’s priorities are.

“I like the idea of an ice skating rink on campus, however, I think there are better things the money could be used for,” he said.

Junior Mai Curott said she supports the idea of the ice rink, conditionally.

“If (the ice rink) is temporary, that would be good,” she said. “I feel like a permanent structure is more of an investment.”

UPC initiated the ice rink project, and it hopes to gain backing not only from students, but also the community.

“We won’t (continue with the project) unless we have the support and funds we need,” McCollum said.