Fright Night benefits global children’s organization

Students dance the night away at Circle K International’s 2014 Fright Night.  “The event is in honor of UNICEF, which is the United Nations Children’s Fund,” said Circle K International Secretary Jaleesa Escott.

Ghouls, ghosts and all manner of costumed folk will take over the Memorial Amphitheater Oct. 29 beginning at 5 p.m.

Circle K International is hosting its second Fright Night event and hopes to see a lot of students and families there.

There will be plenty for people of all ages to do, said senior Jaleesa Escott, secretary of Circle K International.

There will be a costume contest with prizes like a Fuji Polaroid camera, Beats headphones and an iPod Shuffle, she said. There will be separate prizes for any children attending.

Moon bounces, carnival games, T-shirts and lots of food will also be available for everyone to enjoy for free, Escott said.

“The event is in honor of UNICEF, which is the United Nations Children’s Fund,” she said.

UNICEF is a leading humanitarian and development agency working globally for the rights of every child, according to their website. Children’s rights begin with safe shelter, nutrition and protection from disaster and conflict.

Our organization hopes to make students aware of what UNICEF is while offering them a chance to relax and have fun, Escott said.

“It all goes back to helping the community, which is one of our biggest standpoints in Circle K International,” Escott said. “It’s just serving others and making sure people have what they need to thrive and be the best they can be in life.”

While the event is free, participants can make donations to UNICEF by dropping their change into the cauldrons located at different stations, she said.

“We’ll take anything from one penny to $20,” she said. “All of it helps.”

The money from baked goods sold at the event will also go to UNICEF, she said.

The organization raised $50 for UNICEF last year and hopes to raise at least $200 this year, Escott said.

Board member and senior Daisy Cooper said she hopes to see more people in attendance this year.

“Last year when we did it, it was a little smaller,” she said. “I hope to have the whole campus come.”

Escott said she hopes the event becomes synonymous with Circle K International.

“I really want people to hear Fright Night and think Circle K,” she said. “I want people to really enjoy it as well as donate to UNICEF.”