Top 4 choices for Halloween candy consumption

Halloween brings costumes, parties and, best of all, candy. Perusing the Halloween candy aisle offers many sweet options. Whether searching for trick-or-treat candy or a snack to complement a scary movie marathon, it is important to know which candies are worth the money. To help, I have selected my top four Halloween candies.

4. Originally, Candy Corn was not going to make the list. However, there was a mass outcry from The Flor-Ala staff, so I had to add it. I personally think it is too sweet, but most enjoy the uniquely soft texture and bright, fall colors. My roommate, who has eaten it religiously for the past few weeks, said she enjoys it because eating it is like eating honey in a more solid form. I disagree.

3. I admit, the general consensus of everyone I know is Peeps are an acquired taste. I love marshmallows and sugar, so they are an obvious choice for me. They are somehow soft and crunchy at the same time. The Halloween ones also come in the shape of ghosts, which are fun to share with friends. The candy is great to share with family, too, as peeps are a multigenerational food. This fall, there are also pumpkin spice peeps, so even if people do not like the original, they might want to try this option.

2. Peanut Butter Kisses come in nondescript black or orange wrappers, and they are pretty cheap. They are nowhere near the best candy I have tasted. However, they get second place because they are the unsung heroes of Halloween candy. Remember when all the good chocolate from your trick-or-treating haul was gone? Peanut Butter Kisses remained, and they were the only thing keeping you from eating the Dubble Bubble that lasted only five minutes. For that, they deserve second place.

1. Although Reese’s are a year-round candy, the holiday versions are the best because of the increased peanut-butter-to-chocolate ratio. Holiday Reese’s, such as the Halloween pumpkins and holiday Christmas trees, have triple the amount of peanut butter to chocolate in a standard Reese’s cup. The crumbly peanut butter overpowers in a pleasant way, and the chocolate, like an afterthought, reminds us we are eating Reese’s. If anyone craves these during a non-holiday, the Reese’s Big Cup is also an option.