Senate Vice President

Taylor Barton, Nicole Gallups, Dayton Tenney and Mitchell “Mitch” Byrd are running for Senate Vice President.

Barton, a junior, said she has lived by the acronym LEO (Leadership, Enthusiasm and Organization) throughout her college career. She said those three words represent accountability and qualify her to fill the position.

“I believe students should vote for me because I can use the knowledge and skills I have gained to make SGA, our student body and campus as effective and efficient as possible,” she said.

Barton said “driven” is her one-word descriptor.

She said she wants to increase student involvement with Senate and SGA as a whole.

Gallups, a sophomore, said as a senator on the Student Welfare Committee this year she learned what concerns students and how to call attention to their problems.

“I believe UNA should have diversity if it is to continue progressing as it has been,” she said. “It’s a great time to be a student right now at UNA. I want every student to experience what it means to be a UNA Lion.”

She said international students do not know as much about the allocation process as they should and that senate should build relationships with international students to make UNA better.

Gallups said “determined” best describes her.

Tenney, a sophomore, said his experience working with the SGA Code of Laws and his ability to understand student concerns make him qualified for the position.

“I would like to promote UNA by serving everyone in what will make the university unique while being united as a whole,” he said. “I am glad to always stay active with UNA and to clarify no matter what issues or problems (students) may have or need help with.”

He said SGA members should reach out to students more because younger students tend to be intimidated by upperclassmen in leadership positions.

Byrd, a junior, said his experience writing legislation and planning events in SGA, and his leadership roles in Kappa Sigma have prepared him to run for the position.

“Through the positions I have held, I have learned many leadership skills and gained much experience,” he said. “I want to keep the students informed on the major issues along with the minor issues that still may affect their everyday lives at UNA.”

Byrd said “relatable” describes his personality.

Byrd suggested that SGA members should speak to at least one RSO a month in an effort to continually get idea on how to raise money.