Auto technician offers advice on maintaining vehicle in winter

With the recent frigid temperatures passing through, it is clear we are in for a harsh winter. While it is important for people to take care of themselves, it is also a good time to start giving attention to the special cars in their lives. There are many steps that should be taken to combat the winter. Joseph Fleming, owner of Special Detail and Repair, in Cherokee, Alabama offered a few tips on how to care for vehicles in the winter.

1. Coolant System

Check the vehicle’s coolant system levels. It is important the vehicle is capable of withstanding negative degree temperatures. Antifreeze cools and protects a vehicle’s engine from harsh winter temperatures. Antifreeze coolant testers can be bought at AutoZone for $9.73.


Check the vehicle’s owner’s manual to be sure the correct motor oil is being used in the vehicle. During winter it is sometimes better to use thinner oil than in warmer temperatures. The colder temperatures can cause oil to increase in viscosity, and thick oil is not good for the vehicle.

3. Tires

Check the tread, alignment and pressure of the vehicle’s tires. Tread on tires can be easily checked with a penny. Place the penny head first into the tread grooves of the vehicle’s tire. If the top of Lincoln’s head is visible new tires are recommended. It is also important to check the alignment and air pressure in the tires throughout winter.