Not-so-popular 2014 flicks worth a second glance

The year 2014 brought an abundance of entertaining movies like “The Fault in Our Stars”, “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “22 Jump Street”. Frequent movie-goers would agree there were many hit films that did not necessarily capture the attention of the masses but should be recognized nonetheless. Below is a list of 2014 movies to check out that were not at the top of the box office list but are worthy of an honorable mention.

Imitation Game

Fans of Benedict Cumberbatch may have already hopped on this film’s bandwagon, but some may not have seen this Golden Globe-nominated picture. The film, set in World War II, follows mathematician Alan Turing as he works to break the Nazi ‘Enigma’ code.


“Boyhood” documents the constant tribulations of adolescence. It was filmed for 12 years using the same cast, making it the first feature film of its kind. Production began when child star Ellar Coltrane was five years old and spanned until he was 18.


“Wild” is a moving film adaptation of the biography of Cheryl Strayed. Following her mother’s death, Strayed finds herself in all the wrong places. After sleeping with a slew of strangers, shooting heroin and having an abortion, she sees her solace in a guidebook titled “The Pacific Crest Trail”. Strayed decides the only way to save herself from her downward spiral is to hike hundreds of miles across the Pacific Crest Trail.

Grand Budapest Hotel

Those who have a preference for quick wit, fast-paced adventure and Wes Anderson will thoroughly enjoy “Grand Budapest Hotel”. This comedy tells the story of a concierge and bell boy working together to clear the name of the innocent concierge after he is framed for murder.

The Book of Life

“The Book of Life” is a refreshing and colorful animated film that takes the audience on a fast-paced ride from start to finish. The film, showered with Latin influence, tells the tale of a young bullfighter on an adventure of grandeur for, of course, true love.


After a global warming experiment goes awry, the Earth is sent into another ice age. Most of the population dies off, aside from a few hundred who were fortunate enough to make it onto the “Snowpiercer”, a train with tracks spanning the globe. Eventually a class system arises and in hopes of evening the wealth among the classes, the lower class must fight its way through each section of the train.