Writer reviews City Hardware

When it comes to hunger, downtown Florence has many options to explore. I decided to try City Hardware Thursday for lunch.

Owner Rick Elliot, who also owns neighboring Ricatoni’s, describes the restaurant as an emerging American food joint with a southern accent that serves sushi, according to cityhardwareflorence.com.

The first thing I notice upon arrival is the sign on the building that appeals to the artistic side of me. As I walk through the door, I find the restaurant has a softly lit, unique atmosphere. The hostess greets me immediately and seats me in a comfortable booth with a view of Court Street.

My server promptly took my order moments after I was seated. I asked about the daily special, smothered chicken and two sides for $8. I immediately fell in love with the affordability.

I ordered the chicken, caramelized onion mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli with a sweet tea.

As I awaited my meal, I decided to take another look around the restaurant. The same sign hanging outside also adorns one of the interior walls. Single lights illuminate each booth.

The atmosphere is quiet enough for good conversation with fun, upbeat music playing through the speakers above. I was surprised by City Hardware’s welcoming and family-friendly environment.

My food arrived within 15 minutes of ordering. It was presented on a bright white, square plate and looked absolutely scrumptious. The boneless chicken breast was topped with sliced red and green peppers and warm, gooey melted cheese. It was delicious.

The caramelized onion mashed potatoes were delectable. They reminded me of something I would eat during a holiday meal, like Thanksgiving. The broccoli was lightly seasoned, tender and cooked to perfection.

All-in-all the meal was wonderful. The portions were sized perfectly for a single person and my tea never ran out. I spent less than $15 (including tip) for my lunch, which might seem like a lot on a college student’s budget. But considering the quality of the food, I would say it is worth it — perhaps not every day — but at least twice a month. City Hardware was a comforting treat that did not leave me feeling hungry or poor.