All Around the World

More and more people from different places come to the United States. That’s why people can now see lots of diverse faces at UNA.

On Aug. 26, I saw a great number of people having fun at the amphitheater. As an international student at UNA, I feel excited when I meet people from different places. It is very interesting to talk with them. Sometimes we can have different ideas about the same thing. However, sometimes I also find students who have the same feeling about something. Such as traveling within the U.S. and the classes we are taking.

It is fun to share new things with people, too. I taught some American friends to make dumplings once. It was fun, and the dumplings we made had different shapes. And someone who came from Vietnam shared his or her local food with me.

In my opinion, I think it is good to have more friends from a variety of backgrounds. I met a guy who is from Mexico at the Culture Festival. He told me he felt excited to see people coming here from different parts of the world. He said he enjoyed the food there, as well as the performances.