Center for Women’s Studies to host BeadforLife fundraiser

by Student Writer Yu Fu

BeadforLife, a fundraising event, will be held from Nov. 28 to Dec. 11 at the UNA Center for Women’s Studies.

They will be selling beads and cosmetics to help impoverished women in Uganda.

“The Women’s Center believes very strongly in outreach, both at a local level and a global level, and BeadforLife is our global outreach,” said Emily Kelley, coordinator of the Center for Women’s Studies.

Kelley said the women of Uganda and their families live on less than $1.25 a day.

“We do this in order to raise money so the women in Uganda can raise themselves and their families out of extreme poverty,” Kelley said. “I always let my students think about that — less than $1.25 a day. We spend more than that on a cup of coffee every day.”

Kelley said there would be shea butter soap, shea butter lip balm and a variety of jewelry available from simple bracelets that cost $5 to necklaces for $28.

“Last year, we raised over $3,200 in a three-week period,” Kelley said. “This year, we are looking to raise more than $3,200 in a four-week period.”

Kelley said BeadsforLife gives women in Uganda a trade, which means giving them a living wage and education as well.

“It also teaches them health and nutrition,” Kelley said. “It helps them buy land and build houses.”

Kelley said that when selling something for BeadforLife, whether it is a necklace or a bracelet, everything goes with a little bag that includes a pamphlet.

“The pamphlet tells everything about BeadforLife,” Kelley said. “It gives a little bit of the story and what the sale does.”

Kelley said there are faculty and staff members as well as numerous student volunteers helping get ready for the BeadforLife sale this semester.

“We go about our day without thinking of the women thousands of miles away who may go to bed hungry,” said Grace Oaks, broadcasting major.

Oaks said this event is a very educational and beneficial.

“BeadforLife is a way for them to make a small amount of compensation for their work,” she said.

This is her first time to work with the Women’s Center on BeadforLife.

“It’s kind of an honor to sell these products,” Oaks said. “We do not want have things left and sent back to the company.”

Oaks said she is looking forward to the experience of serving members of the community with these beautiful products.

“This will actually be my first time helping with BeadforLife,” said Katie Mauldin, nursing major.

Mauldin said she is glad that the Women’s Center helps the women of Uganda.

“I do enjoy helping with this event,” Mauldin said. “Besides helping bag the jewelry, I will be helping set up the jewelry and show it off.”