Apple iPad, Kindle Fire most popular tablets on campus

Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle are the most popular tablet computers among students. While the devices have many similarities, they are both fundamentally different, and it seems students’ preferences are determined solely by personal taste.

In a time when many forms of media have gone digital, some students are replacing ink and paper books with digital books on their tablets. The Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle appear to be equally popular among students at UNA.

Hannah Clemons, a senior majoring in education, said she likes her Amazon Kindle because it allows her to multitask.

“I like being able to read and eat at the same time, and it’s nice to have hundreds of books with me and not have to lug them around,” she said. “I never thought I would like having one, but it ended up changing my life.”

Some students like their tablets because of the convenient size.

“I like my iPad because it’s easier to tote around than my laptop,” said Taylor Patton, a sophomore.

Cody Hawkins, a criminal justice major, said he prefers reading books on his Kindle because the iPad has too many distractions. In contrast Ellen Hinds, a senior, said she likes her iPad more than her Kindle because it is easier for the rest of her family to use.

Zack Miskel, a sophomore, said he uses his iPad for business and likes being able to easily synchronize it with his iPhone and laptop.

Emily McCann, a senior, said she would rather have a Kindle than an iPad, as she doesn’t like Apple products. However, Taylor Pickens, a senior, said he believes Apple products are superior.

“I like my Kindle,” said Kathleen Sego, a junior. “I already have an iPhone, so I didn’t see the need to get an iPad. The main thing I like about the Kindle is the display. It doesn’t glare in the sun.”

In contrast, Summer Scott said she hates the Kindle she has.

“It’s really glitchy,” Scott said.

Some students said they prefer tablets other than the Kindle and iPad.

Anita Parker, a junior, said she would like to get a Nexus 7. Dean Arnold, a former UNA student, said he has an Android tablet.

“I’ve used an iPad before,” Arnold said. “Those things are terrible.”