Student pursues acting career

Caleb Woods has been acting for over a year and has already been an extra in both the “Hunger Games” trilogy and “The Internship.”

UNA student Caleb Woods has been in the acting business for almost a year and has already been an extra in the “Hunger Games” trilogy and an extra in Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s new movie “The Internship.”

“I decided to pursue this because, either way. I thought it would look good on my resume,” Woods said.

He also wanted to see how a movie comes together.

“The best thing for me to see was the camera equipment,” Woods said. “It’s millions of dollars in technology; it’s just neat to see how they do it.”

Woods said he called more than 30 agencies before he finally received a reply.

“There are a lot of casting agencies in Nashville and Atlanta,” he said. “A lot of them ask for detailed information and head shots. They choose people who live close where the film is being shot.”

Woods is happy he took a chance on this career path.

“I had no clue I could do this, but I took a chance and I did it; so far it has worked out,” he said.

Woods’ favorite set he has worked on is “The Hunger Games.” He also moved this summer for two months to be an extra in “The Internship.”

“It was really hot the first week, because we were shooting scenes outside, but I did not mind,” he said. “I got to meet Rose Byrne who plays Helen from ‘Bridesmaids.’”

Not only did he get to meet Byrne — he also got to be right next to Vaughn and Wilson in most of his scenes. Woods said they were intimidating at first and he didn’t want to be unprofessional and ask for autographs.

“After the first day of shooting with these huge stars, I realized they really are like anyone else,” he said. “Vaughn and Wilson are hilarious whether the cameras are on or off. Everyone on set is really nice. I have made a ton of friends doing this — and a lot of contacts. It’s always good to network.”