Norton Hollow

The Civil Wars played to a sold-out Norton Auditorium Oct. 1 at 7 p.m.

The Grammy-award winning duo kicked off the night by going straight into their “Tip of My Tongue.”

“This has to be one of my favorite concerts ever because it is only two blocks from my house; don’t get any ideas,” said John Paul White after finishing the group’s first song.

White, the male half of the duo, is a former UNA student and alumnus of the Department of Entertainment Industry. White lives in Florence.


Walt Aldridge, UNA instructor and accomplished songwriter and musician, opened for the award-winning musical duo.

Aldridge, accompanied only with his guitar, riled the crowd up by telling stories about what inspired him to write the songs he played.

“Songwriting, it’s not what you might think,” he said. “It’s a crafty kind of thing. It’s finding an idea.”

His opening song, “Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde,” was written for musician Travis Tritt.

After Aldridge left the stage, former Alumni Association president Sarah Beth Vandiver Alexander and incoming president Pat Burney presented Bob Garfrerick with a blank check for the John Paul White Scholarship fund.

The scholarship will go to students at UNA who are pursuing a career in music and the entertainment industry.

UNA students were excited to see The Civil Wars.

“This is the third time I’ve seen them,” said Grace Oaks, a UNA student. “Their music is very homey — I’ll always pay to see them.”

Other students were new fans of duo.

“I am very excited about seeing them,” said James Sego. “I haven’t been a big fan before, but maybe I will be after.”