Instagram, Facebook apps popular among students

A student displays their favorite apps.

With apps being the way of the future, many UNA students turn to their iPhone and Android phones to stay connected, students said.

Mary-Francis Wilson, a junior, has an iPhone and uses Instagram.

“I’m nosy and I like to see other people’s pictures,” Wilson said.

Megan McKinney, a freshman, also named Instagram as her favorite app.

The Facebook app came in second place. The UNA app also received praise from students.

“I actually use the UNA app more than anything else,” said Dane Trelles, a senior.

Dalton Williams, a freshman, also uses it.

“The UNA app is saving my life right now,” Williams said.

Kelsey Cooper, a sophomore, named Twitter as her favorite app.

“I use it probably every hour,” said Cooper.

Sarah Skipworth, a sophomore, has an Android phone. One of her favorite apps is Shazam, which can identify songs playing on the radio.

Among the other apps voted for were Spotify, Pandora, iFunny, Temple Run, Tribal Wars, and Lose It.