Student observations: What’s hot on campus

A student in the GUC wears a colorful, bright and summer appropriate dress that features gathering at the waist and a playful dress length. 

2012 has been the start of an era for several different trends. Transformations in technology, fashion, hair and the Internet have occurred almost overnight. If you’re looking for new ways to spice up your summer, look no further. Current and former UNA students have advice for the go-to summer trends of 2012.

Fashion, like the economy, has had its ups and downs over the past couple of years. However, fashion merchandising major Lauren Daley said that with the rise of the economy in recent months, we’re starting to see a difference in fashion, including a rise in bright colors and patterns.

“Tangerine and coral are the big colors this summer,” Daley said. “According to Vogue, pink’s a hot color right now, but isn’t it always? I think we might start seeing some really bold lines in the structure of clothes.”

Daley said a few key pieces of clothing will be making appearances this summer:

“High-low skirts, with belts,” Daley said. “There’s a little fifties pin-up going on with high-waist shorts or skirts with cropped tank tops or sweaters, too.”

While I’m no fashion merchandising major, I think one of the simple go-to items for ladies this summer will definitely be Nike running shorts. They are offered in a wide variety of colors and patterns and can be found in any sporting goods store.

Guys can find a variety of up-to-date clothing for the summer from any major retail store like American Eagle, Hollister or Aeropostale for a relatively low price.

“I normally get Aero stuff for the summer,” said UNA junior Jake Shedd. “It’s cheaper than most stores and looks decent.”

In the world of hair, braids have made a dramatic appearance, and will continue to do so through the summer, I believe. With the popularity of movies like “The Hunger Games” and how-to/DIY sites like Pinterest, braids have taken on a new identity and moved on past just your average hairstyle.

Beth Turner, a former UNA student and current stylist at Salon Bliss in Muscle Shoals, said braids and anything unique and unstructured will work this summer.

“Hair chalking will be big,” Turner said. “It’s something super easy to do at home and will wash out when you shower. Also, unkempt hair and headbands. And ombre highlights, or highlights that look like they have roots, will be big.”

The Internet is constantly changing, and new trends emerge weekly, if not daily. A couple of the biggest trends to hit the Web this year are memes and Pinterest.

Memes have gained a fan base among universities, with personalized memes being created everyday for specific issues at different schools. UNA Memes, a Facebook page full of comical memes about the problems and concerns of UNA students, has over 300 “likes.”

Pinterest, in my opinion, is every girl’s dream come true. Pinterest offers a vast collection of tips, tricks, recipes, pictures, instructions and ideas on topics ranging from Automobile and Cars, to Education to Hair/Make-Up, to Men’s or Women’s Apparel, to Weddings and everything in between. This unique website will likely continue to be popular among users.

Amanda Frazier, a junior nursing major at UNA, said she uses Pinterest to find ideas for gifts and projects with her friends.

“Pinterest is amazing,” Frazier said. “I used an idea I found on there for all of my Christmas gifts last year and other things like birthday presents. There are so many good ideas on there!”