Bennett Infirmary offers students cheaper medical treatments, prevention services

The Bennett Infirmary and University Health Services building is located below Pine Street and is open to all UNA students that pay their university health fee. 

Bennett Infirmary is the UNA Health and Wellness Services location for UNA students, faculty and staff. The charge for services is included in the student health fee every semester so that students can get treatment free of charge in-house.

Bennett Infirmary is a care facility for acute conditions. The infirmary is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Thursdays are the exception, as the infirmary closes at 2 p.m, according to the department’s website. The infirmary is closed on nights, weekends and whenever the university is closed.

“We do pretty much anything an urgent care center does,” Bergeron said. “Most students get out on average on $10-15. If students have insurance, we write prescriptions that they can go fill.” Walk-ins are accepted in the morning while afternoons are reserved for appointments, officials said.

Because of the health fee, there is basically no charge to students, said Peggy Bergeron, Senior University Nurse/Health Educator.

Services include testing, such as urine and STD testing and an in-house pharmacy. Medications cost about $5-15, according to Bergeron.

Insurance is not needed to receive treatment. Other services include treatment for minor injuries, immunizations and physicals, Bergeron said.

Pregnancy testing is available, and birth control can be prescribed. The infirmary also offers a service known as the “brown bag special.”

“We do have condoms available,” said Bergeron. “They are located at the front. You don’t even have to come all the way into the building.”

The brown bag special includes Lifestyle condoms and information on safer sex, Bergeron said.

Concerning freshmen health, Bergeron said sleep seems to be a big issue.

Incoming freshman need to get the right amount of sleep in order to stay physically and mentally healthy, she said.

“It is a huge adjustment period,” Bergeron said, “Freshman especially need to allow themselves at least six weeks or even a couple of months to acclimate to the new environment.”

Bennett Infirmary also provides flu shots, Bergeron said.

She encourages students to get a flu shot. It is very important especially for students living in the dorms, she said.

She said that it is also important for students to continue to get the flu shot in college just as they may have done in high school.

Bergeron encourages students to read the Student Health 101 magazine sent to their UNA e-mail for other heath tips and chances to win prizes.

Bennett Infirmary offers counseling services as well. Counseling is by appointment only, and an appointment can be set up by phone call Bergeron said.

Lynn Martin, Student Counseling Services Director, provided information on Bennett Infirmary’s counseling services. Counseling services are available to all students who have paid the student health fee, she said.