Meet ‘The Brittens’

Jeremy and Christi Britten play Chutes and Ladders with their children, Avery, Emerson and Hannah. Instead of a TV room, the Brittens opted for a playroom.

UNA Web Communications Manager Jeremy Britten and his wife Christi have made a recent change in their family of five. The Brittens were concerned with the large amounts of fast food  their family was consuming, which caused them change to a vegan lifestyle.

“The premise is that we are just an average family trying this,” Christi said.

Jeremy and Christi said they were disgusted by the amount of fast food that their busy schedule had them eating.

 “We have recently started a blog chronicling our attempt to live healthier lives,” Jeremy said. “We don’t really call what we’re doing a diet. It is more of a complete lifestyle change, and we just do the best that we can.”

The blog is entitled and was created by the Britten family in order to give back to the community by helping others live healthier lives. The blog includes recipes and advice on healthy alternatives to healthy fast food options.

The Britten family understands there are challenges in always finding healthy options as a family on the go, such as the difficulty of eating healthily during travel and the sickness they have recently experienced.

As the Brittens do not consider what they are doing to be a diet, there is no cheating. They said it is important to be flexible when there is a need.

“It is important that people allow themselves to splurge,” Jeremy said. “We got a bit discouraged after the trip and the virus, but we’re surrounded by great friends who have a similar de