Pride of Dixie works hard for the campus community

by Allison Tucker

For 65 years the Pride of Dixie has been performing for many audiences. It is the finest and most prestigious band in the state of Alabama. Week after week they march, play, dance, and twirl a baton or flag so that they can bring a smile to every face and make halftime worthwhile.

The POD has a work ethic like no other. You can always find them at Pride Field or Braly Stadium. They come a week early to band camp and go from dawn to dusk investing long hours, sweat and many repetitions. Not only do they work hard, but they help recruit for the University. They host a band day for high school students and let them perform with them. If anything, this excites the students and helps them see what it’s like to be a POD member.

Finally, for the past two years they have been given the opportunity of a lifetime. They were invited to perform at Bands of America in Indianapolis. This is the equivalent of going to the Super Bowl. Out of the entire country only a select handful of collegiate bands were chosen to do this. It is a high honor to do so and an even higher one to be invited back.

In conclusion the POD is a spectacular group of UNA students that works hard year-round. The POD is a wonderful organization, and even though they may not cross people’s minds daily, they make an enormous impact on this campus. The first 65 years is only the beginning of what the POD will do in the future!